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Connecting People with NGO's

Your Tad Step: Can Make a Huge Impact

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Our Forte introduces an idea to people looking to connect with the small and large NGOs to impact their lives and help the needy with fortune.

Creating a Window

SatvikDaan is here to connect people with authentic NGOs seamlessly. You can come on our platform, and we will help you connect with the NGO of your choice.


We know how tough it is to connect, find and donate an amount for the needy, so we are here to assist you with all your hurdles and connect you with the NGOs hyper-locally and nationally.


We do look at every minor detail of the NGO so that you can connect without any interruption. All the NGOs listed on our platform are checked and verified by our team manually.

About us

SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye is an online platform acting as a bridge between the user and the NGOs. The primary purpose of the portal is to abolish the monotonous chore of finding a trustworthy NGO. We understood the pain of finding an authentic and trustworthy platform to donate to the needy. So, our team thought of coming up with an idea to connect donors and NGOs on one platform.

SatvikDaan – Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye checks the NGOs manually and then allows them to function on our platform for further process. This idea and functionality make us stand out from the rest of the other platforms. Also, you get everything in an organized way for a smooth process.

smiling ngo girl from Delhi


We understood the problem of common people, how tough it is to connect with the NGOs. So, our team came up with a solution and made an app that can help you connect with the right platform.

UX Research

Our platform provides a user-friendly experience and is made for every age group of people. Our team did proper research work and then came up with an idea for society’s needs.


Our developers, writers, designers have made the website you’re using now. Their hardship and team spirit has created this alluring platform for common people like you and us.

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