5 Tips: That Can Help Indian NGOs to Build Sustainability

children studying in NGO India

Before discussing sustainability, it’s crucial to check and review your current ongoing practices. Ask certain questions to yourself: Do you have an online form where peep can mention anything related to sustainability? Are you communicating properly? Did you ever request people to fill the feedback form? It’s always necessary to clear your present hurdle before moving forward. 

Mentioned below are points that can help you improve your workflow and the NGO’s functionality.

Get Technical Support 

Booming NGOs have limited access to fundraisers because of the lack of technology. Donors look for authenticity before donating or contributing moolah. Many NGOs lack technology support and thus lose their donors. 

If you have a large group of technical teams to help you with your issues, you will cover borders and a specific country or sector. Try to reach your audience through webinars and collect their feedback online. 

Create Flexibility 

Be open and flexible. Many NGOs work efficiently to create audience engagement through different social media forums and posts. In this growing world, you should have a good reach on all social media platforms. You can even hire a person to manage your social media handle to reach the current audience/donor. 

Fall for Quality, Not for Low Budget

We know money is valuable, but saving it for the correct purpose is a smart move. Make sure that spending money on your work should be worthwhile. Saving money for some big event can lead you nowhere. You must value cash but make sure to use it efficiently.

Update Your Budget 

NGOs should be prudent and specific when it comes to budget. The budget sheet should cover office space, quality system(computer), good staff, and clear communication. These minor points can have an impact on the near future. 

 Only well-resourced NGOs will be able to create a significant effect in the eyes of the people.

Communication is the Key 

To understand the challenges that your NGOs face, it is crucial to communicate frequently. Set a zoom meeting from the comfort of your home or if you’re working remotely, then zoom calls can be a win-win situation for you. Discuss every nonny detail and try to work on those problems. Mark down these points and make a note of them and try to solve them. 

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