Tips That Can Be Your Savior during the Second Wave of COVID-19

COVID- 19, India

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is devastating our country right now. We all are witnessing the social media filled with pleading messages, making the people feel low while staying home during the lockdown. However, we all should try to calm ourselves down and remind ourselves that “this too shall pass, as stated in Gita.”

We know the health system, mainly in the metropolitan cities and urban areas, is deluged by the second stream of COVID. We as humans should try to spread the message of abidance to COVID to prevent the crisis. In this context, SatvikDaan has few tips that can help you keep your mind healthy during this situation.

Don’t Panic, and Be Easy on Yourself. 

The first crucial thing you need to know is to go easy on yourself. We all are going through this trauma, so don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t let social media fool you through their viral posts. You don’t have to end up doing various challenges. Take the pressure off from yourself; you’ll feel much better during this ongoing period of COVID.

Spend Time with Your Family 

Remember the days when we complained that we don’t get enough time to spare with the people we love. However, now you have a chance to spend time with your family. Have a chit-chat with them, eat together, and share your stories from the workplace/college. If you cannot meet your loved ones physically, catch them through video or phone calls every day.

Keeping Moving! 

If you have space and time (*snickers*), invest them for a proper workout. If you don’t, then a tad walk inside your common room or on your alluring balcony can help. Also, you can play some of your favorite music and dance to its rhythm. Do whatever makes you feel energetic and try to avoid the rumor that is related to COVID.

Listed above were some of the key points mentioned by SatvikDaan, which can help you to overcome the stress that you are facing because of the COVID.

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