The Story Behind Our App: SatvikDaan

When we talk about any app development, you’ll find there are loads of circlet to go through before any app kicks off. It’s a long and joyful journey that involves multiple processes, with each development and discovering how to evaluate them together and making it vital to the app’s ultimate success.

Before getting into the business and releasing it into the wider world, there’s one thing that catches everyone’s attention: the app’s story. So, now let’s dive deep into the SatvikDaan development story.

The Idea Behind Our App

In the last year 2020, Cyber Vision Infotech moved out in search of the ones who are homeless and really in need of whom we can donate blankets during winters. And we were surprised to find that we were not able to find a single person (except at the Temples and Gurudwaras) whom we could help.

We got curious and thought that if we as privileged people who have access to all the useful means are not able to donate, then how can a common man add their contribution whenever they wish? After doing long research on the complete system of the current traditional charity process, the idea gave birth to “SatvikDaan“, and this is how the baby was born to shine and thrive in the market.

The founders of SatvikDaan –Akash Singh and Ekta Singh Sikarwar have dedicated their vision of helping and developing society through this app: SatvikDaan. They feel ‘for a remarkable step’, all you need to do is figure out the common problem and look for the simplest way to solve that problem. And both of our founders did it right by sharing their ideas with the world in the form of “SatvikDaan”.

Research Work  

Our idea gave birth to SatvikDaan, no matter how unique your idea would be, but the path to success isn’t simple – the market is too competitive. Going into the market unprepared can cost you a lot and can lead to brand-damaging mistakes. So, we invested our time well before putting the blocks together because we knew it takes a lot of hardships to build a successful app. And for the ground research work, we walked down to various NGOs. 

While visiting one of the educational-based NGOs, we came to find out the real need of SatvikDaan. We had a conversation with the children and the owner where we found out how difficult it has been for them to provide education during the pandemic situation. Not all children had access to smartphones and the shortage of technology kept many children away from education during the pandemic. 

If the nation had access to digital donation, then this problem wouldn’t have appeared, and children would have received education without any problem. 

User Review 

We asked random people about their views on SatvikDaan. We asked them how they would feel if we launch an app that will build trust between an NGO and a user. We articulated our app’s specific purpose and also knew boiling all ideas in a few lines was tough, but we also knew our core step was strong enough to ensure the success of our app. And these points kept us moving forward, and we were pleased to hear from the general public that they even need an app that connects them with authentic NGOs. Also, Cyber Vision Infotech wants to provide something to society, and so we kept the app free of cost.


That’s the hardest part: testing your idea one day before the launch day, calculating the result for the number of passionate days and nights you have fallen in love with your platform. The whole team of Cyber Vision Infotech was involved in the testing part, the team was able to find some bugs but got them resolved, and our inevitable struggle came to an end. 

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