We Opened the Gate of Happiness for Our Nation


In our country, there are millions of people who starve daily, and it’s also not hidden what a massive effect the pandemic has had on underprivileged people. Some have started to show their concern in different ways, like the company has started to show their concern to their employees by standing by their side during the difficult times. But the major difficulty was faced by the underprivileged people. Cyber Vision Infotech Pvt. Ltd. witnessed the gap between NGOs and users and took an initiative to create an app, SatvikDaan, that builds trust and connects NGOs with potential users/donors. Our main motto is to help our nation go digital.

When we imagine showing big gestures, we think of sharing and helping unknown/needy people in different ways, in the form of monetary gifts, food, clothes, or shelter. But have you ever imagined sharing a packet of happiness with a kid? The smiling face automatically slides right in front of your eyes when you think of it, and it makes the thought into a prosperous one, right? Well, Cyber Vision Infotech Pvt. Ltd. had the same experience while distributing “khushiyon ka dabba” in the form of pizza among the kids today on launch day. The happiness among kids gave an aflutter feeling of joy among team members of SatvikDaan. We did enjoy the breezy satisfaction hue today, on our launch day. 

The most awaited social platform, SatvikDaan has been launched today. Our entire team of SatvikDaan has worked for months to bring the app live today in front of the World. For our research work, we visited various NGOs and decided to give a surprise to one of the NGOs from our latest visit. Last week, when we saw their cute and energetic smiling faces, we planned to treat them with something that would fulfill their small bellies and thought this surprise could bring a smile to their faces. Because we know one thing, we have to cover miles, and these tad smiles on the kids’ faces will motivate us to keep hustling to make the SatvikDaan app the best place to help anyone in need. 

We had planned to give a huge surprise to the children, so we didn’t walk with packets of pizza. Instead,  we went to Domino’s Pizza in Gurugram and asked them to come with boxes later while the team would be busy interacting with kids. There can be nothing better than this yummy surprise. 

We are really thankful to Domino’s Pizza for delivering pizzas in bulk for the children of the NGO on short notice. Even the delivery guys who came to deliver (Vimal and Raj) were really glad that the pizza was going to be served to these young aspiring but needy kids who all are the future of our nation.  

Not only the delivery guy but the kids were also excited and were unaware of the fact that each of them will be getting a single box of pizza to eat. Because having pizza on a plate is something beyond their imagination and a single box was a dream to many which left them astonished. 

While moving towards each kid’s desk they started hooting in sink pizza, pizza, pizza, and soon they started quarreling for it. However, there were many kids whose families never got an opportunity to taste a pizza, so when they got the whole big box of pizza, their minds gave a second thought, and instead of eating it right away, they packed and kept it inside their loose torn bag because they knew back home their parents and siblings should also get an opportunity to taste it. It was so shocking to see these small little kids have become so mature at an early age and have learned to sacrifice their wishes. Their mouths were literally filled with water, but it still didn’t stop them from carrying the boxes to their homes.

SatvikDaan is launched in the market to assist such needy ones through digital donations. If any pandemic takes place in the near future, then we must be ready to face it with full support. The nation has witnessed many people losing their only source of income or even lives during the pandemic. We don’t want anyone to feel hopeless again, and this can only be possible when donating to someone in need becomes as easy as posting a WhatsApp update. 

How do we work?

Whenever any new NGO registers itself on our platform, we personally verify the NGO using various verification measures to confirm whether the NGO is genuine, has fulfilled all the government compliance, and works for the well-being of people. After checking out the authenticity, we approve their registration on our platform and mark it with a verified badge so that donors/users can help without any hassle. 

In simple words, SatvikDaan acts as a bridge between donors and NGOs.  

P.S.Entire Cyber Vision Infotech Pvt. Ltd. team was delighted to serve the mouthwatering pizza, and the kids are still raving about sweet corn, cheese, capsicum and chili flakes!

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