Avoid Child Marriages and Let Adolescent Girls Dream Big

Child Marriage

If we talk about globally, there are about 650 million girls and women today who were married as teens. According to some women, their means of rights have been ruined at an early age: lack of education, no right to make decisions, and their voices have also been lowered down.

In places where child marriages are more prevalent, the practice has limited resources and limited options for the lives of girls. In general, it blocks a girl’s path to a better lifestyle and a bright future.

Despite the sad news, we do have good news. Even though the number of girls married at a young age is 12, the ratio of child marriage has decreased, which was considered to have grown in the coming 10 years.

There are various NGOs that are helping these minor girls to study and live their regular peaceful life. However, the NGOs can throw light towards women’s rights by following the mentioned below points:

  • Helping girls to get back to school and those who are unable to attend the classes can learn through distance programs. The NGOs should opt for adolescent-friendly methods that teach girls through TV and radio.
  • Providing fortune to the family members to prevent their girl child from getting married and leading a trapped life.
  • Providing proper education related to reproductive health services and education related to gender-based violence.
  • Helping them with mental health and psychological support for proper mindset.
  • Ensuring authentic welfare support for the teens who are quarantined, hospitalized, or left without proper care and education. 
  • Using mass media for advertisement purposes, like community radio, social media, to spread awareness. 
  • Create a safe place for adolescent girls so that they can share their concerns and problems openly without any hesitation. 

As an NGO, you should invest some time in learning about what all things can happen during the time of the pandemic situation, collect some info, and try to end the child marriage during the pandemic situation and beyond. 

If you want to bring an end to the child marriage program, then you need to pay attention to the impact that it’s creating on the ground level. All research should be done by keeping the adolescent girls of rural regions because mostly these girls are impacted the most.

Conclusion: This mission requires a lot of effort to make it happen, and getting donations from people as you can make a difference and help the nation to grow. The effort requires huge financial support to execute. Pooling out the resources can assist to bring an end to child marriage whilst creating development in the nation. So, you can look out for NGOs on our app “SatvikDaan” and know about the NGOs that are working to help needy adolescent girls.

When girls will be able to choose the right time to marry, then we will be able to see a prosperous world.

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