how much should you donate to charity?

Many people wish to donate but don’t know how much should be the right amount to give to help the needy. However, everyone has the question of how much should I be giving? What would be the correct number to donate to any needy person? 

The answer to the above question can differentiate from person to person. Like, some would add they are willing to donate 1% of their salary to needy people each month, while others will say it should be 8-10%. But when we get into charity work, we realize that it’s a smooth and simple job to do so. 

 At SatvikDaan, we are fervor about making the charity digital and as easy as possible for peeps to give their hard-earned cash to an authentic germane NGO. This is the way through which we are hoping to help the nation through contactless donations. 

How Much Should We Donate to Charity? 

There is no correct or wrong amount to donate because a tad amount can also help the needy and can build a step towards a peaceful society. Here, on our app, you can even start with a small amount of ₹10 or ₹100. We believe in generous donations which should be relative to what you can afford and how frequently you are planning to donate. 

Group of volunteers arranging vegetables and clothes on donation boxes for needy people

Bestow What You Don’t Need

If you have an urge to donate and have the moral obligation to do charity, then you don’t need to donate an amount of money, you can even think of donating stuff that you do not need. 

We have a section on our app where NGOs create their needs and get them fulfilled by potential donors. Even you as a user/donor can add things that you have extra with you on our platform and this will help the needy NGOs. 

Donate Publicly 

There are multiple ways through which you can influence others to donate through your social media. This is also a phenomenal way to entail people to do what they see other people doing. Homo sapiens are social animals, and they tend to follow trends. This way giving in the open can influence others to think that this behavior is normal. And you can create a social norm where people will give more. 

Volunteers arranging and packing cardboard boxes with free food for any needy families and local communities that are facing financial difficulty

Give on a Regular Basis.

Would recommend you to do charity regularly because regular donors are munificent, and their donation makes a large impact. 

Regular donations can assist the NPO to work more efficiently since they will be receiving more revenue and can help the nation. 

Give Together 

Now, you can share the joy of care while involving others too. This way you can make apt decisions. Involving your mates and family means creating a family culture and teaching the younger generation to donate. 

Conclusion: In the end, charity is non-mandatory, and no one is forced to donate, it’s totally your personal choice and incredibly empowering. We get an opportunity to make the world a better place to live. We have an individual choice to help our society. Not only it makes the planet a better place to live but also enriches lives too. 

So, how much are you planning to give? 

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