This Diwali Let’s Pledge to Donate and Light Up the Lives of the Needy!

Our country has hit a new low because of the pandemic, and lately, we have witnessed the coy glimpse of quietude somewhere. However, it’s the way we’re turning to continue our normal life, and this vigor of better trumping over evil has been witnessed by many in the nation. 

Diwali is an infrequent moment when the whole nation celebrates a gleeful moment in the country. A joyous moment of the light festive can get charmed when every needy kid and citizen celebrates it with a smile, and then the fervor of the light festival will be seen working its charm. 

This year, 2021, we have to be more germane because we are in the mid of a grave crisis in the form of a pandemic. However, there are various NGOs who are working together to bring the situation of the underprivileged peeps to fruition. 

Dhanteras excites us a lot, one day before Diwali, where people go insane for snapping up ornaments, electronic goods, branded handbags, etc. Anyway, have you thought about people who desire nothing but just basic necessities like food, clothes and shelter? Well, this Diwali you can be someone’s light of their earthen lamp. 

It’s understandable that looking out for people who are in need is really a tedious job— at one particular point you want to assist the needy, and on the other hand, you feel where to look, and thus your vision gets abolished by your own thoughts. Looking for a needy NGO was a tough job but not now. If you’re looking forward to helping the underprivileged sector of our society, then you should download the app, “SatvikDaan”, through which you can effortlessly donate to any verified NGOs of your choice. It’s going to benefit the inner soul that you have helped the needy this Diwali and have really lightened up their home through your generous help. Now, no more excuses for not getting up from your place because help is just a few clicks away! 

What makes the festival special is how it brings glory to everyone’s life. It’s an equal sentiment that is shared by the entire nation. But on a deeper note, Diwali replaces the darkness with light and opens up the path of high spirit, knowledge and empowering positivity. Both Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are supplicated for wealth and prosperity. It’s an elusive ritual that ties people together. It’s a Hindu festival, but a lot of Sikhs and Jain celebrate it with utmost happiness and joy. 

Keeping these objectives in mind, the aforementioned app development organization is striving to make a better place for underprivileged people so that they can have an excess of basic necessities and general life.

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