This Christmas, Gift Needy Children a Gift of Education

Merry Christmas

Christmas, a winter festival celebrated across the world on December 25, this day marks the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth: Christ was born in a stable in Bethlehem to Mother Mary and Saint Joseph. She conceived through the Holy Spirit and was told by the angel of God to name the child as Jesus, and would further be known as Messiah or savior. The shepherds were first to have a glimpse of the baby, following them; three kings from far across came to offer precious gifts to the newborn, and they were guided by the star of David. 

On this day, every year Christians sing carols, and also Santa Claus is the most crucial part of the festival too. So, this Christmas you can be someone’s Santa and gift someone a gift of education. Partial lockdowns and pandemic norms have already dampened the education sector, and for some, it has turned impossible to get even a normal education. 

The lockdown has impacted around 247 million children, and kept many children away from school for almost 18 months, and created obstacles in their education. The gap left the children away from education and many dropped out because of no income source; this also led to physical violence, child marriage and sexual abuse.  

Education in many ways improves the lives of the children and also gives them a quality life. It also grows their knowledge, nurtures and improves their skills, and helps them to make fair decisions. Education is the first step to creating a strong foundation. 

Also, we should focus on building quality education rather than improving the lives of the people. Education is the foundation of overall development, so we should focus more on providing quality education through charity. 

Through SatvikDaan we can bridge the gap so that the children can get an education without any interruption and through this way the children can get back into routine school. 

As we are getting closer to the Holiday season, your help is required to kick off the celebration. And on this holiday season, celebrate the true spirit of the festival by giving children the gift of education. 

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