Know the Difference between a Non-profit, NGO, Charity and Social Enterprise

Are you someone who’s curious to know the difference between NGO; Non-profit, charity, and social welfare organizations? Do not stress, you’re not alone; it’s really easy to get confused between these terms. 

The Terms Mentioned Below Will Help You to Understand Them Properly.


Portrait of volunteer holding donation box with goods for people in need

As its name suggests, an NPO (a non-profit organization) is an organization that doesn’t think about making money. This is the organization that asks for funds and looks out for volunteers. Basically, NPO focuses on various causes. Also, they receive funding in various forms of grants from various organizations and get donations from the general public. 


Multi-ethnic group of people, diverse volunteers packing donation boxes in charity food bank.

NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization. The term was first used in the United Nations in 1945. And gradually it gained popularity and is now widely used. An NGO works independently and it includes charities. 

Sometimes, NGOs also rely on the government for funds. Whereas, they don’t need any government council and work independently. 


A charity is a non-profit organization that benefits the general public. Charity organizations’ goals are generosity and aim to improve the quality of life for society and beyond. Various organizations fall under charitable organizations: churches, educational institutions, hospitals, research organizations; Governmental units of the United States also fall under charitable orgo. 

Social Enterprise

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India- December 23, 2013: Two female social workers are interacting with a group of villagers comprising of children and female adults. They are working for the development of the village and uplifting the standard of living in the village.

Social enterprise is the trendiest topic of this era and also falls under the buzzing entrepreneurial section. Social enterprise is a business for the social good. They focus more on changing the world; basically, they opt to solve social problems. 

These are the slight but major differences between Non-profit, NGO, Charity and Social Enterprise. If you’re willing to find all these organizations in one place, then download the app SatvikDaan from Google Play Store today.

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