DIVORCE: Why Does a Child Have to Suffer? 

Some children have watched their parents get separated at an early stage. And also every person has different perspectives on divorce. It’s a turmoil situation for a child when he/she has to go through the process of their parent’s divorce. In some cases, children start blaming themselves and in others, they start blaming one of the parents. 

For parents, splitting isn’t easy and it could be a sensitive situation for them. Also, the decision can have a huge impact on the child’s mind. However, it isn’t always a win-win situation. Parents should take time and consider that whatever they are doing is correct for them and their families. 

A fake relationship and marriage can end up hurting you. Moving forward and trying your best to look forward is a courageous decision. It’s always good to understand your potential and try to be available for your child. 

People say, before deciding, think for the child but also know that your smart decisions can secure the future of your child.  

Listed below are some common effects that a child has to go through: 

Poor Performance in Studies 

Divorce is tough for the entire family, and for children, it’s like a dynamic change that will leave them distracted and unfocused. The main distraction can occur in their daily chores like academics and extracurricular activities. 

Holding a Hand with divorce is difficult for all members of the family. For children, trying to understand the changing dynamics of the family may leave them distracted and confused. This interruption in their daily focus can put negative effects of divorce on children and that would be seen in their academic performance. The more distracted children are, the more likely they are to not be able to focus on their school work.

Find It Difficult to Adapt

Children get affected and will find it tough to adapt to a change and they will take time to adapt to a change. New family drama, new living space, living situation, friends, all these things can affect the child.  


Divorce can make the child sensitive and also it can develop feelings of anger, anxiety, confusion, and many other issues. Divorce can make them feel emotionally weak because the entire process is quite emotional. 

Co-Parent Smoothly 

Conflicts between parents bring distress among kids. These things develop behavioral problems in children. A minor issue can also bring tension among children. If you are finding it tough to co-parent then take professional help. 

Avoid Keeping Your Child in Middle

Do not put pressure on your child to decide about which parent to choose and which not. This really pressurizes the kid and they experience various issues and trouble in the future. 

Although divorce is tough on families, staying together for the sole sake of the children may not be the best option. Children who live in homes with a lot of arguing, hostility, and discontentment may be at a higher risk for developing mental health issues and behavior problems.

Consequently, following parental separation, it’s normal for kids to struggle with their feelings and their behavior immediately afterward. But, if your child’s mood issues or behavioral problems persist, seek professional help.

Start by taking your child to a pediatrician and receiving professional support. This way you can help your child and can also refer to a therapist. 

Therapy can help your child emotionally. Support groups can assist them with the problems which they are facing. Also, there are many NGOs who can guide you through the process. You can check out the authentic NGOs listed on our app: SatvikDaan.

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