Engaging Blog Ideas for Your Nonprofit or NGO

There are times when writers turn clueless and cannot decide what to write about and which topic to cover. A blank screen and continuous reminders about generating a topic can lead you to a blank state, and especially when you’re posting on a regular basis.  

To help you with the issue, we have listed below some of the engaging blog topic ideas for your nonprofit organization. 

Share Your NPO’s Story through Posts

Let the image speak for itself. Use images, vids, clip-art, etc. to provide an impact of the events, and try to cover it up through illustration. Capture the moments where you are fundraising, getting involved in volunteering, collecting funds for donations. This will create a visual image in front of your audience. The image will help the viewers to understand more clearly. 

Showcase Your Audience

Provide a list to your audience and distribute it among the community and challenge them with the task lists. This way the readers will remain hooked on it and you can get good involvement. And of course, they will be having fun while doing so. 

Create BTS (behind- the- scene) 

Creating BTS will allow your audience to get more donors, supporters, and viewers who can find your content relatable. Many people or viewers enjoy seeing the backstage of any nonprofit organization. 

Share photos, videos, and interview sessions of the staff members. Also, emphasis more on the organization’s cause. This way you’ll grab some support from your audience.

Guest Posts 

As the name suggests, guest blogger means posting blogs on other web profiles. This way your blog will be getting extra exposure and will create a window for both the parties involved. 

Highlight Your Member

Create an appreciation post and provide ‌incentive programs for members. For e.g. create recognition or provide value to your employees and make them feel supported and special. 

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