We believe many organizations/NGOs need a platform to find donors and volunteers for a smooth process. Keeping all these points in mind, SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye thought of developing a platform where it can connect NGOs with its donors.

SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye’s mission is to empower all living beings and communities to get the proper help and privilege through adequate reach. We aim to provide all sorts of appropriate services by connecting you to your donor, and through this process, we will help you increase your reach.

SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye is made by sharp-minded diligence who executed this idea and evaluated the whole project. They valued the time and managed the resources most sustainably. Our project has every crucial thing that is needed in the website and App.
SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye is a user-friendly App. Even a non-specialist can operate our website/App and can understand the fulfillment of our work. Apart from all these things we have various modes of communication like mail, website, etc.

For Users

SatvikDaan doesn’t have a donation section, and we don’t take donations. You can connect with the NGOs mentioned on our website and perform donation procedures accordingly.

SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye works as a middleman for the NGOs, and hence the NGO helps the unprivileged people by providing primary education and healthcare. For more information, you can go through our website/App.

Yes, the NGOs are authentic, and our team members have checked their work manually. You can trust SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye, and it’s safe and secure to move with the process with any of the NGOs in India.

Our vision is to connect donors like you to the most trusted NGO to ensure that every living being has the right to proper food, life, health, opportunity, and right to education, and you can find them by searching for an NGO near me on Google. 

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