Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page is used to generate awareness among users regarding the policies, use, and personal information. Personal information is mandatory when anyone decides to use our services. If you plan to choose our service, you have to agree to all the terms and information related to the policy. The personal information helps us improve the services we promise not to use your personal details anywhere else. 

For a better experience, we may need you to provide certain personal identification information, like your name, email, phone number, and location. The website doesn’t use any third-party services that may collect information to identify you. 

Privacy Policy for User
The exact definition of personal information will vary depending on the piece of legislation, but, generally, it includes the following:


(We do not use or release your information for any purposes, you can feel safe to write down your name. Also, we do not collect any personal data. Our website uses encryption technology .)

Address (postal and email)

Your address is only visible to us. Your information helps us visualize how many people visit our sites regularly, which sections are trending and which pages are the least trending. 

Location (IP address, geolocalization)

We need your location details to track our reach. We are committed to providing you with protection from unauthorized access to any inappropriate web pages. 

Social Insurance Numbers
We go through various security purposes to help you keep secure. We take multiple measures to assist you with sensitive data and tools, and databases. 

Third-party Policy

The website and app contain links, references, documents owned by the licensed to third parties. The third parties purely give this information. The third parties hold 100 percent accountability to it; SatvikDaan makes no representations and excludes all the warranties provided by the third parties; use of such third party services is solely at your own risk. 

Indemnity Policy

Indemnification: We purely act as a bridge between you and authentic NGOs. We are not responsible for any loss/damage; from minor damage to any health loss(including death), we don’t hold any accountability. You shall defend SatvikDaan and keep SatvikDaan away from any damages, losses due to the user’s service or donation. Also, the user has to face all the problems, and they will be solely responsible for violating any law, rule, or regulations.    

Terms and Termination 

We have the authority to remove any user or NGO if it supports or promotes any kind of irrelevant or unparliamentary activities. As a standard procedure, we try to understand the issue and the root cause, but we do not hold any responsibility. By any chance, if we find that the user is inappropriate, we can suspend their account for a while.

Consent to Data Use Policy

You agree and allow us to use your respected data :

1)Email id

2)Phone numberWe will use this data to notify you about the activities taking place on our application and make your account more secure. We even assure you not to breach any data to any company by lending or selling.

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