About us

About Us SatvikDaan-Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye is an online platform acting as a bridge between the user and the NGOs. The primary purpose of the portal is to abolish the monotonous chore of finding a trustworthy NGO. We understood the pain of finding an authentic and trustworthy platform to donate to the needy. So, our team thought of coming up with an idea to connect donors and NGOs on one platform.


SatvikDaan Ek Behtar Kal Ke Liye checks the NGOs manually and then allows them to function on our platform for further process. This idea and functionality make us stand out from the rest of the other platforms. Also, you get everything in an organized way for a smooth process.

Founder's Message

We want to change the concept of traditional charity work into a more positive concept that aims to build trust between the donating users (donors) and NGOs seamlessly. With this, every donor can connect with authentic NGOs without any hassle. However, we want to provide something to our society from our side, and so the platform is free of cost.


When asked about the ultimate success, he says,” success for me would be when SatvikDaan turns out to be a known app at the global level. Like, for every field we have an app; for the instant messages we use WhatsApp, for social media feeds, et al. In the same way, he wants SatvikDaan to be in everyone’s mouth and mind when it comes to making a generous donation”.

Akash singh


We want our nation ‘India’ to go digital. Even during the time of pandemic such as covid, we don’t want the donation to stop. We want during the time of the pandemic, mostly in rural areas people should receive help through digital donation. We have seen without help many people in rural regions have lost their lives.


Talking about how this Idea was born, she says, “the idea came to their mind when they personally moved out in search of the ones who are homeless and really in need whom they can donate blankets to during winters last year. And they were both surprised to find that they were not able to find a single person (except at Temples and Gurudwaras) whom they could help”.

Ekta Singh Sikarwar



Nikita Ahuja

Project Manager

"Our app is free and a gift to society and through our app, we are doing something for the nation and for the needy people," added Nikita. I am blessed to be a part of “SatvikDaan” and happy that we are doing something for society.

Aman Singhal

Team leader

Through this project, he has been able to coordinate and communicate for a better outcome and it has also boosted his career as a team leader. He’s happy that through SatvikDaan he can contribute something to society.

Amit Sharma

Senior Android Developer

"I was gleeful when I was told to work on this project by our founders and the idea of connecting users and NGOs and building a trust among people to donate and there's no platform in our entire nation with this concept,” says Amit.

Priy Ranjan

Senior Backend Developer

Priy Ranjan adds, “what makes me feel great about SatvikDaan is it's an authentic app, and people love to follow platforms that are verified, and in the same way people will not hesitate to donate through SatvikDaan”.

Himanshu MALIK


Himanshu says, "I appreciate the idea and how this idea was portrayed to me, it's new for me and sluggishly I'll adapt it". Talking about the challenge, he said, "I wanted a different app for both users and NGOs separately for a smooth process".

Ajay Sharma

UX Designer

“The project was started by our founders, and their thought is to share a platform with users and NGOs. Through this app, we want to create transparency, trust, so that people can connect and we want donations to go digital”, added Ajay.

Rakesh Kumar

Graphic Designer

Different concepts were barriers for him, but he knew well to conquer them through his graphics. He says, "I'm grateful to our founders that they allowed me to be a part of the growing team".

Komal Thakur

Quality Analyst

"I was thrilled when I was told about this app, and working on this app means helping the nation and the needy people to grow," added Komal. She further adds, “ I want the app to reach its height as soon as possible”.

Divya Giri

Content Writer

She's happy to be a part of the team that is working and creating an app that can remove the gap between the rich and poor through charity. Further, she adds, “I’m pleased that now people can donate with trust”.

Manu HD

Frontend Developer

“Working for an app that’s building a trust between NGO and user was really a new concept for me and I really enjoyed working on it because I know this is going to be beneficial for the needy people” adds Manu.

Ashok Rana

SEO Analyst

Ashok adds, "This project was new for me, and for the first time I got an opportunity to work for an NPO platform. I have worked wholeheartedly for this app because I know this app will benefit our society”.

Bhavya Khurana

Social Media Associate

She’s happy with the app’s concept of connecting users and NGOs for the betterment of society. She’s gleeful that she got an opportunity to work with a team that’s thinking of social welfare.

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